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At Jong's Flowers, we have state of the art facilities to ensure the most efficient productivity. This in turn results in the best quality cut flowers harvest around.

All crops are grown in the six fully equipped greenhouses with climate control systems running to ensure optimal crop development. The shed where the processing is done is also under climate control condition where the entire facility is insulated with cooling or heating capabilities. The bunching line is located near the greenhouses so that the flowers are send straight from the greenhouses into the shed almost immediately after collection.

The greenhouses are state of the art. Based on European designs, these greenhouses are built locally and are entirely covered in high-quality  plastic sheeting. Over an accumulated area of 26,500 m2 , these greenhouses are climate controlled providing heating, shading or misting. They are also equipped with picking trolleys for flower harvesting. Also, pipes running along the planting plots provide warm running water to the crops. We are also equipped with a carnation propagation facility that enables quicker response to changing market trends and varieties. There are also planting lines for bulb crops

Other facilities include an on-site office for administration purposes as well as other important amenities. Also a storage cold room kept at + 2oC with an area of 98m2 creating a minimal airflow condition. All flowers are also delivered by our own truck to wholesalers and transport companies.